A Tragedy in Connecticut and a Parent’s Nightmare

While traveling to a meeting away from the church in the late morning (Friday, December 14, 2012), I heard the gut renching news of the loss of precious life of young children. The final count was still pending. My first reaction was to pray for the families with such a horrific outcome just before Christmas. My second was to check again on the emergency plan for our school.

I started to write a post yesterday but decided to wait and get more information on the shootings.

This morning I read Al Mohler’s briefing (President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) and let his words challenge my heart and hopefully yours as well. Here is the link: AlbertMohler.com-‘Rachel Weeping for Her Children — The Massacre in Connecticut’ http://www.albertmohler.com/2012/12/14/rachel-weeping-for-her-children-the-massacre-in-connecticut/

I know there will be some to ask about children and heaven. Here is another link to Danny Akin’s Article on death and infants (President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary): AlbertMohler.com-‘The Salvation of the ‘Little Ones’: Do Infants who Die Go to Heaven?’ http://www.albertmohler.com/2009/07/16/the-salvation-of-the-little-ones-do-infants-who-die-go-to-heaven/

God is still at work!

Guy L. Hipp

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Homecoming at CBDS – Fun for all

PJ Day. Snoopy is a celebrity

This week is Homecoming at CBDS. The students are having great fun and using imagination. I have attached several pictures of them. Homecoming continues and I will add to my blog on Saturday.

Holiday Dress – St. Patrick’s Day

Twins Day – dress alike. Which one is the principal? I can’t tell them apart.
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Vacation and Grandchildren, Ephesians 5, Time

July went by so fast.  I spent 2 weeks at the beach and had all 4 grandchildren there for significant portions of the time away.  Reflecting on the 15 days: times of laughter, repairing relationships over toys, games, snacks, duties, and nap/going to bed crying, meals together, and enjoying God’s creation together were well spent.

Time – yes, time!  We spent large amounts of time together in play, prayer, sports watching (British Open was on TV 🙂 ), walking, biking, preparing and cleaning up from meals, reading, shopping for groceries, sharing ice cream, finding vacation gift bargains, and encouraging each other.  I spent time with each of them and they responded.  I helped build memories for them and me.  It was time well spent.

God wants to spend time with each one of us.  His Word challenges us to “redeem the time for the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16).  The challenge to my heart is to experience time with God not only for a few minutes each day but larger segments for retreats, walks, scenic overlooks in the mountains, and alone with Him.  Just as I expect my relationship to grow with each of my grandchildren, time with God will grow me.

Reflect on the evil days and redeem the time with family, friends, and the One who gave his Son so that I might spend eternity (more than just time) with Him.

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Teaching Life Skills

Today I taught my 12 year old grandson to use a riding lawnmower.  I know, don’t let children use dangerous equipment, but I learned to use a lawnmower when there were no safety devices on them.  This lawmmower has so many a person has to want to be run over before any damage… well that defense is probably another issue.

I took steps to show him all the safety devices and for him to experience each one.  Of course, he rolled his eyes but I had him – it would be like driving a car.  I had him do many rounds forward and backward in my driveway and he mastered them.  I outlined the area to be mowed (yes, I chose the easiest area in the backyard) and supervised his mowing.  I could do the yard in 30 to 40 minutes, but his time was double.  It was worth the trouble.  I used encouragement, correction, and ultimately praise for a job well done.

I thought of my relationship with God, how many times has God sent me on new tasks for which I felt ill prepared;  yet he walked beside me throughout the task no matter if I messed up, did a less than stellar job, or simply wanted to quit.  He encouraged me, he corrected me (often), and ultimately praised me through praising his wisdom in teaching me.

A 12 year old learned a new life skill today and taught his grandfather about eternal life skills which God gives everyday.


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Grandchildren and the nature of human nature

I write this blog knowing that others have experienced the same behaviors I see in my grandchildren.  Where does a young child learn to lie, steal, cheat, and hit others (clobber a brother or sister – no gender difference)?  There is always the answer they learned it from Dad or Mom, the grandparents, and the kids next door.  I am sure there is some bad apple examples to see, but there is something in our DNA (Christianity Today Article).  We are sinners.  No one has to teach us to be selfish and self-centered.  We are by nature prone to behave in this manner.

Some of us try to “train up a child” and some of us “punish bad behaviors and reward good behaviors.”  Don’t get me wrong we do need to modify behavior, but there is another vital element to include in the upbringing of a child.  The heart is desperately wicked (Holy Bible).  Children need modeling and “input” on good and bad behavior, but do not forget discipline and change is not always about the “rod” buy also the power of God to change a heart.

I pray each day that all my grandchildren will have their lives changed from the inside/out by the power of God through the Lord Jesus Christ. ” For if anyone be in Christ he is a new creation.” (My life verse).  Think about it!


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Listening to your grandchildren

Over the few days I have watched the two youngest grandchildren ages 15 months and 18 monts. They are learning language. One of them is using her pronunciation of “what is that?” almost constantly. I am a helpful grandfather who takes the time to help with every item she wants to know. There is a process of trial and error too! I slowly pronounce and she tries to say the word. There is much trial and error with many self corrections. Daily she improves in order to ask more questions.

The other grandchild is not as proficient as the oldre one (of course- three months difference in their ages). We are working on sign language communication skills for eating. My sign language stinks but his is ok. He will occasionally bark out a word about something he knows and is telling his world to listen to him – and we do!

What am I learning about God through them? When we are born into God’s family our communication skills are at best rudimentary. We are ackward with our sign language, our words are not well formed, we do not always understand what we are asking of God. Yet time, trial and error, growing relationship, and God’s desire to see us grow leads to greater and greater communication with the Father.

Take time today to communicate your heart, your needs, your thoughts, and your dreams to God. He will listen, he will respond, and he will guide you to grow more.

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The fun of being a grandfather

I write my 1st blog and heard my granddaughter in the background saying, “Papa, Papa.” Truly those are sweet words to hear. Her vocabulary is small with many “what’s that’s”. Her hugs are warm and make this man’s heart melt with joy. This is only one of the four grands that God has blessed me with. They all thrill my heart, teach me about unconditional love, and sometimes through their mimicry show me my own soul. I will write about them, their humor, their wide open eyes, and their questions about life. OHG (onehippguy)

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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